Bob Makransky's Magical Sampler HTML version

pink for love, white for health or spiritual illumination, and so forth. Also put on the altar
objects which symbolize what you want: money if you want money; cut-out pictures of
lovers in love if you want love; pictures of healthy, active people if you want health; a
photo of yourself from a time in your life when you were happy if you want happiness;
and so forth.
Just prior to the chosen time light the incense. Then, at the precise moment chosen
for the spell, light the candle. Then call upon the Spirit to grant your wish. It’s okay to
read it, but you should do this with feeling – true longing for whatever it is that you want.
Picture in your mind’s eye your desire coming true as you call for it, and let yourself feel
all the joy you would feel if your desire came true. Don’t worry about whether you are
doing it right. If you’re doing it in good faith with true longing, then you’re doing it
Watch the candle closely for an omen of how your wish will go. If it is difficult to
light the candle, then it will be difficult to make your wish come true. If the flame
wavers or dies, then the wish probably won’t materialize. If the flame burns tall and
brightly, then the wish will come true. However if the candle should fall over, forget it.
Also watch for unusual occurrences while you are casting your spell: for example, the
sudden appearance of singing birds (if you are outside) or shafts of sunlight suddenly
appearing through the clouds. These sorts of things are good omens for your wish
coming true.
If you don’t feel comfortable with all the ritual, you can dispense with it. The
ritual is just for your own sake, to lend a sense of importance and ceremony to the
occasion – not to impress the Spirit. The only things of importance are to cast your spell
with true longing, at a propitious time.
When you finish casting the spell, leave the area and let the incense and candle
burn down. Then dismantle the altar and dispose of what’s left of the candle and incense
by burying them. Once a spell has been cast there’s no need to repeat it unless you feel
your own resolve weakening and want to strengthen it. Be assured that spells carried out
in good faith always work, so don’t waste them on anything frivolous, since then you’re
committed to it. Be sure you really want what you’re asking for. And, pay especial
attention to little things and dreams in the days after you cast the spell.
(Excerpted from What is Magic?)
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Past Life Regressions
Running past life regressions is a good way to start making a connection to your
true life’s purpose – the reason you were born and the reason you keep coming back. It’s
so simple to learn that you can easily master the basic method in less than an hour’s time;
yet it is so far-reaching in its ramifications that a few months of playing around with it for
an hour or so every night can completely transform your life.