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You may wonder how you can tell if you’re channeling evil spirits. All I can say
is that all of the evil spirits which I’ve run across in my channeling made no bones about
who they were or what they were up to. Evil spirits seek willing accomplices – they need
a decision on your part to commit evil, they can’t trick you against your will. However,
they can come up with some pretty tempting offers sometimes. I would say, though, that
if the messages you are channeling are full of fulsome praise at how marvelous you are,
and pity at how misunderstood you are, and how much you have to suffer, then probably
you’re channeling demons. Real spirit guides will buck you up when you are feeling
low; but they’ll also kick you in the butt if you indulge in self-pity. Their actual goal is to
get you to a place where you have your own true feelings working, so that you don’t need
them anymore.
Okay, now you’re a professional, dyed-in-the-wool spirit channel, ready to hang
out your shingle and charge for readings. Now what?
Generally speaking, spirit guides are useless for calling horse races, lottery
numbers, or even for predicting the outcome of specific events. If prediction is what you
want, it’s better to use horary astrology, tarot, etc. than to ask of your guides. My
experience is that spirit guides can predict the outcome of certain events when they
volunteer the information; but they can’t or won’t predict outcomes merely at our behest.
This is because spirit guides look at things very differently from us; they’re on another
wavelength, and the things which are of crucial importance to us are not of consequence
to them. Spirits don’t give a hang about what we call the “future”, and they regard our
obsession with it as an odd peculiarity of our species, scarcely worthy of serious notice.
On the other hand, things that spirits believe should be simple for us (such as dropping
lifelong habits, addictions, fears, etc. as a simple act of will) in fact present insuperable
difficulties which spirits can’t really appreciate. Even spirits who have had human
incarnations tend to forget what it’s like down here. Things just aren’t as simple as they
try to make them seem, because they don’t have to deal with doubt, fear, inertia,
temptation, taxes, etc.
Nor are spirit guides capable of pulling our chestnuts out of the fire for us, saving
our skins, or changing the outward circumstances of our lives. There are spirits which
can assist us with the concrete problems of our lives to some extent, but spirit guides are
basically advisors, not employees.
Spirit guides can’t live our lives for us; they can’t feel our feelings for us, can’t
absorb or deflect our pain for us, can’t resolve our problems for us, and can’t find our
happiness for us. All they can do is show us how to take responsibility for doing these
things ourselves.
(Excerpted from Magical Living)
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