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Science Debunked
Materialistic science, like most fundamentalist religions, is extremely unreasoning
and bigoted. When confronted with phenomena which don’t fit its presuppositions, it
closes its eyes and pretends that such phenomena don’t exist. There is plenty of
evidence, from all times and civilizations, that magic and astrology work, that spirits exist
and can communicate with people, and so on. Indeed, about the only civilization on earth
up to this time which rejects these notions is ours. “We know better now” say the
scientists. How do they know this? Have they examined the subject objectively? No,
they haven’t done this. Even to suggest such an investigation during this dark age of
rationalistic materialism would require the utmost intellectual courage and devotion to
the truth. The results would bring down ultimate rejection and vituperation on one’s head
from the academic establishment. This is what happened to Carlos Castaneda.
By the term “materialism” is meant the belief that, in the words of cognitive
philosopher Daniel Dennett, “there is only one sort of stuff, namely matter – the physical
stuff of physics, chemistry, and physiology – and the mind is somehow nothing but a
physical phenomenon. In short, the mind is the brain.” – (Dennett, Daniel Consciousness
Explained, Penguin 1991 p. 33).
The science of magic, by contrast, takes the Idealistic view that the physical world,
including the physical body and brain, are merely projections of the mind; in exactly the
same way that the world of dreams and the body we have while we are dreaming are
projections of the mind. Being awake is merely a more highly evolved form of dreaming,
and it is only our belief that what is happening to us is real that makes it seem real
(whether we are awake or dreaming).
Materialistic science believes that it is describing an objective, factual reality. In
fact it is, like everyone else, creating its own reality. Scientists are not discovering the
laws of nature; they are inventing them. The true pioneers of science – the Einsteins,
Plancks, and Heisenbergs – are well aware of this fact even if the credulous hoi polloi of
science are not. “Philosophically … the implications of quantum mechanics are
psychedelic. Not only do we influence our reality, but in some degree we actually create
it. … Metaphysically, this is very close to saying that we create certain properties
because we choose to measure those properties.” - (Zukav, Gary, The Dancing Wu Li
Masters, Bantam NYC 1980, page 28).
It is important to remember that science is a body of knowledge that has been built
up over many thousands of years by many thousands of thinkers working from many
different points of view and philosophical perspectives. However it has happened here
and there that science has fallen into the hands of unreasoning zealots with a particular
ideological axe to grind; and when that has happened science, in the sense of being an
objective search for intellectual truth, winds up being a polemic to defend some political
agenda. That is what occurred in Communist Russia with Lysenkoism and in Nazi
Germany with “Aryan science”; and that is what has happened in capitalistic academia
over the past century with the cult of materialism. The materialists with their statistical
version of truth, perhaps in overreaction to the fundamentalist Christian creationist view,
have completely abandoned any pretense of intellectual objectivity. As a result a non-
academic version of science has developed to investigate such important matters as the