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Thought Forms

Astronomical and astrological explanations of Mercury’s synodic cycle – its cycle of phases as it circles the sun, with tables 1900-2050.

Complete delineations for Superior and Inferior Conjunction, Greatest Eastern and Western Elongation, Stationary Retrograde and Direct, and their intervening phases in the natal, progressed, and transiting horoscopes.

Explanation of the astrological / magical view of mind (the theory of Thought Forms): what consciousness is, how it arose, and whither it is going.

Basic course in white magic with detailed instructions on: How to Channel and Banish Thought Forms; Creative Visualization; How to banish the Black Magicians in everyday life; How to Cast out Demons; How to use Tree Spirits.

“Bob Makransky is a knowledgeable, purposeful and entertaining writer.” – Paul F. Newman, The International Astrologer
“Steady Diamond Fire readers are well acquainted with the genius of Bob Makransky. Highly recommendable.”
– Joseph Polansky, Diamond Fire “Thought Forms is both highly readable and highly informative, and is very definitely worth checking out.” – Kenneth Irving, American Astrology
“Readers have become familiar with [Makransky’s] fresh insights into different facets of astrology. In this book
Thought Forms he is especially provocative and I strongly recommend its purchase and study.” – Ken Gillman, Considerations
“I will fully agree with the statement that ‘You’ve never read a book like this before!’ The material is fresh and woven very skillfully to conclusion. I look forward to his next installment of the trilogy.”
– Marion MacMillan, SHAPE

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Planetary Strength - a commentary on Morinus


An essential contribution to natal horoscope interpretation. Taking as its point of departure Astrologia Gallica by Jean Baptiste Morin de Villefranche (1583 - 1656), Planetary Strength explains the differences between the strengths conferred upon planets by virtue of their sign placements (celestial state); house placements (terrestrial state); and aspects (aspectual state). A detailed system of keywords is augmented by insightful “cookbook” interpretations for each and every planetary combination. The depth and quality of the analysis – as well as the hundreds of practical examples and tips – make Planetary Strength an essential reference work which both neophyte and experienced practitioners will consult every time they read a horoscope.

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