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moment-to-moment compulsion to think: to be able to turn thinking on when it is
needed, and then turn it off at will and pay attention to the now moment the rest of the
time. This facility is also known as “enlightenment”.
This is what the coming transformation in consciousness is all about: when our
unsustainable materialistic society inevitably collapses, the surviving remnant of the
human race (if there is one) will have to redeploy importance from hiding shame and
seeking glory (inflating self-importance) to following true feelings – working for the
good of our mother earth and the human race as a whole. Or better said: only those who
have accomplished such a redeployment, and who are able to follow their true feelings
instead of the importance coverings on their conceptual thought forms (their shame and
glory), will survive the coming collapse.
(Excerpted from Thought Forms)
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Active Imagination
Importance is not itself a thought form, but rather a thought form covering. It is a
feeling of urgency created by the denial of a true feeling (telling oneself some sort of lie
in order to fulfill society’s expectations). Importance coverings are casings, like sausage
casings, into which feelings can be stuffed; and they are controlled by the conceptual
thought forms which created them. In a manner of speaking, importance coverings are
our conceptual thought forms’ thought forms. Like the Spirit does for us, we give our
conceptual thought forms a certain amount of independence. Actually, about all we can
do is to create them and destroy them; other than that, they roll their own. And not only
are we subject to our conceptual thought forms, but we are also subject to our conceptual
thought forms’ thought forms – the energy which we gave our conceptual thought forms
originally, which they have in turn bestowed upon their importance coverings.
This is to say that most of what we have been trained to consider “our” feelings
such as jealousy, envy, greed, etc., are not actually “our” feelings at all, but rather are
importance coverings on conceptual thought forms learned from our parents and society.
These sorts of importance coverings are our conceptual thought forms’ feelings; and as
such they differ considerably from society to society (e.g. sexual jealousy is not as
important in Eskimo or Yanomami culture as it is in ours). In fact we can define
“society” to be the set of conceptual thought forms which are common to a particular
milieu at a particular time. The way to distinguish between true feelings and importance
coverings within ourselves is that we are born with our true feelings, whereas we learn
importance coverings from the people around us.
The importance coverings on our conceptual thought forms assure that we will
keep thinking the same thoughts over and over and over all the time. When those
thoughts happen to be negative thoughts, then they tend to conjure up negative emotions
such as jealousy, anger, lust, self-pity, etc. When we feel these negative emotions, we
release emotional “darts” – we feel something like a clenching up / letting go of that