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People’s Nooses: all sexual attraction and infatuation are phony. When sexual electrons
are going back and forth is when you should immediately put your guard up and be very
careful of what you are doing, rather than blunder ahead into commitments that you could
very easily regret. Sexual attraction can be, and often is, a cover for extremely difficult
karma which will have to be dealt with if action is taken without forethought. Be warned,
be smart, save yourself a lot of grief. Take a look at the other cross-aspects between the
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Telepathy and Lucid Dreaming
Philosophers of language tend to be fond of extolling the glories of human
language as our “triumph” over the animal kingdom. In point of fact, language is but a
vestigial remnant of humans’ primordial telepathic ability, which we moderns have been
taught to repress along with our other senses. However, we modern humans still rely
upon our latent telepathic powers when language fails us. For example:
1) Mothers know exactly what their babies want; some mothers even let their milk
down a few minutes before their babies wake up.
2) Lovers know the exact instant that the decision is made to go to bed together
for the first time.
3) In foreign countries, we usually know exactly what they’re saying to us, even if
we don’t know a word of their language.
4) We often know when we’re being observed from afar (lift our eyes from
reverie to the exact spot from which someone is watching us); this awareness is a
remnant from our hunting days.
5) We often recognize someone we know from way far away, long before we can
make out their features, posture, or gait.
6) And, of course, prophetic dreams, precognition, intuitive hunches – the types of
so-called ESP that practically all of us have experienced at one time or another but cannot
consciously control, but which our forebears relied upon in place of thinking and
language. To them it wasn’t “E”SP – it was a normal part of SP.
These sorts of telepathic communications are not a matter of body language or
subliminal cues (as the rationalists would have it); rather, they are examples of true
telepathy, which was a part of humankind’s original equipment.
The most important concomitant of the invention of agriculture was the invention
of the lie. As long as people could communicate telepathically, lies were not within the
realm of possibility, since everyone knew exactly what everyone else was feeling every
minute. Similarly, even we modern humans are not as easily fooled when we’re
dreaming as when we’re awake: in dreams we can sense exactly who or what is evil or to
be avoided, in spite of superficial appearances.