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Sexual Signatures in Synastry
I find it amusing when people state that they “don’t believe in astrology.” If
people only knew how much information they were giving out when they reveal their
birth time, date, and place, they would be much more circumspect. In particular, sexual
signatures are an infallible guide to when there is an innate sexual attraction between two
people. This doesn’t always lead to out-and-out sex; but it can useful in getting one’s
way with people. Recently my girlfriend introduced me to her boss (for business
reasons). The boss, she warned me, was bitchy, critical, and impossible to please; and
my girlfriend disliked her intensely. But when I saw that the boss’s horoscope and my
own shared both major sexual significators, I knew that she and I would get along just
fine; and so it proved (and my girlfriend’s relationship with her boss improved as a result
of our interaction).
Sexual turn-on is strongest when the man’s sun, Mars or Jupiter conjoins or
opposes the woman’s moon or Venus. We will allow 6° orbs of inexactitude in
measurement, but this is just a rule of thumb. Even 10° orbs “work”, but the effect is
lessened. This might be a good place for a statistical study.
For example, if a man’s Mars is in 12° Leo; and a woman’s moon or Venus is
between 6° and 18° Leo (conjunction) or Aquarius (opposition); then there is a powerful
sexual attraction between the two people. However, the sexual attraction is obviously
stronger the closer the conjunction or opposition is to exact. In this context oppositions
are not considered malefic; on the contrary, oppositions between horoscopes are better in
sexual relationship. Opposites attract. However some of the effect is vitiated if the
conjunction or opposition occurs over the line of the sign (e.g. from, say 29° Aries to 1°
Taurus or Scorpio). Note that the reverse case (e.g. man’s moon or Venus conjunct or
opposed to woman’s sun or Mars) is not a sexual signature – it merely indicates that the
woman wears the pants in the relationship.
Of these cross-aspects between horoscopes, the sun-moon and Mars-Venus
combinations in particular are the most Pavlovian sexual bell-ringers. Oftentimes I’ve
met a woman who had her moon on or opposite my sun; or her Venus on or opposite my