Bloggers' Guide to Profit HTML version

What are blogs?
s you might have experienced, surfing the web was a fairly passive
activity in the past. Like reading or watching TV or a bit of a combination
of the two. The website as such, was all designed to be a rather one-way
informative medium. Then came the advent of the ‘blog…
So what on earth, er, the World Wide Web, is blogging? Abbreviated from “web
log” a blog is simply a stream-of-consciousness kind of writing. Whether you are
a major celebrity or a high school kid, you can blog. It requires no technical skill
at all and costs almost nothing. They have become amazingly popular and are
continually in the news. Recently, some people have been fired by major
corporations for blogging about the goings-on at work! So you know there are
plenty of readers out there.
What’s the buzz and what’s in a blog anyway?
What can be included in a Blog?
What could you include in a blog? Practically anything that comes to your mind.
In many instances, the discussion depends upon the theme of the website or a
web page itself that is associated with a blog. Blogs are an excellent way of
expressing personal opinion. These range from discussions about news,
current events, sports, hobbies, careers, and various other topics. If you can
think it, and you can type, you can blog it, more or less.
Copyright 2006 by Michael Rasmussen and Jason Tarasi - All Rights Reserved.