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This book is created by ATMleb to help its customers in creating successful websites.
You currently own full master resell rights to this product:
1. You are allowed to sell this ebook at any price ($20 suggested).
2. You may sell it on auction sites (ebay, ewaseet, Yahoo!)
3. You may allow your customers to resell this product.
4. ATMleb will never claim any royalty for the sale of this ebook
5. You may not modify this ebook
6. You may give away this ebook.
7. You can never use spam to market this ebook.
-Any violation to the above condition will result in the instant termination of any license
related to this product and the forfeit of any paid funds
-If you received this book through spam or you have witnessed any case of illegal
marketing for this book please send an email to
-co-branded versions of this book are available for a negotiated fee, send your requests to