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Chapter X
Mum--mar--married! gasped Condy, swallowing something in his throat.
Blix rose to her feet.
"Just been MARRIED!" she repeated, a little frightened. "Why-- why--why; how
"Yes--yes," mumbled Condy. "How delightful. I congratulate you!"
"Come in--come back to the station," said the Captain jovially, "and I'll introduce you to
m' wife. We were married only last Sunday."
"Why, yes--yes, of course, we'd be delighted," vociferated the two conspirators a little
"She's a mighty fine little woman," declared the Captain, as he rolled the door of the
boat-house to its place and preceded them up the gravel walk to the station.
"Of course she is," responded Blix. Behind Captain Jack's back she fixed Condy with a
wide-eyed look, and nudged him fiercely with an elbow to recall him to himself; for
Condy's wits were scattered like a flock of terrified birds, and he was gazing blankly at
the Captain's coat collar with a vacant, maniacal smile.
"For Heaven's sake, Condy!" she had time to whisper before they arrived in the hallway
of the station.
But fortunately they were allowed a minute or so to recover themselves and prepare for
what was coming. Captain Jack ushered them into what was either the parlor, office, or
sitting-room of the station, and left them with the words:
"Just make yourselves comfortable here, an' I'll go fetch the little woman."
No sooner had he gone than the two turned to each other.
"We're in for it now."
"But we must see it through, Condy; act just as natural as you can, and we're all right."