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Chapter VIII
"But," she added, as they started to walk, "we will never know which one spoke first."
But Condy was already worrying.
"I don't know, I don't know!" he murmured anxiously. "Perhaps we've done an awful
thing. Suppose they aren't happy together after they're married? I wish we hadn't; I wish
we hadn't now. We've been playing a game of checkers with human souls. We've an
awful responsibility. Suppose he kills her some time?"
"Fiddlesticks, Condy! And, besides, if we've done wrong with our matrimonial objects,
we've offset it by doing well with our red- headed coincidence. How do you know, you
may have 'foiled a villain' with that telegram--prevented a crime?"
Condy grinned at the recollection of the incident.
"'Fly at once,'" he repeated. "I guess he's flying yet. 'All is discovered.' I'd give a dollar
and a half--"
"If you had it?"
"Oh, well, if I had it--to know just what it was we have discovered."
Suddenly Blix caught his arm.
"Condy, here they come!"
"Who? Who?"
"Our objects, Captain Jack and K. D. B."
"Of course, of course. They couldn't stay. The restaurant shuts up at eight "
Blix and Condy had been walking slowly in the direction of Pacific Street, and K. D. B.
and her escort soon overtook them going in the same direction. As they passed, the
captain was saying:
"--jumped on my hatches, and says we'll make it an international affair. That didn't--"
A passing wagon drowned the sound of his voice.
"He was telling her of his adventures!" cried Blix. "Splendid! Othello and Desdemona.
They're getting on."