Blank Verse, Vietnamese New Formalism Poetry HTML version

We would like to thank the Poet and Translator
Joseph Đỗ Vinh and the poets Donna Hallman, Linh Vũ
and Phạm An Nhiên who have given us valuable editorial
advice. Especially we would like to thank Dr. Carol J.
Compton for her edits and comments. In accordance
with guidelines established at the start of this project,
Đỗ Vinh remains the sole translator of all poetry
appearing this anthology. Thus, other translated
versions are not published. We would also like to
express our deepest appreciation to the following Poets
and Colleagues who have contributed to our printing
cost through sponsorship and by placing book orders in
advance: Hải Vân, Nguyễn Lương Ba, Nguyễn Thị Thanh
Bình, Nguyễn Thị Hoàng Bắc, Nguyễn Tuyết Trinh, Phạm
Chung, Quỳnh Thi, and Trương Vũ... We have managed
to bring this anthology to publication only through the
generous contributions of our readers, and we would like
to thank each and every one of you for your support and
dedication. With your continued help, we can look
forward to many more future publications. Finally, we
apologize for any shortcomings that may appear and
acknowledge your criticism as an essential component in
advancing any literary venture.