Blame Game HTML version

Christian or something. Where did they get that idea? I just asked: who didn't fail;
everyone here failed see, including me. See, everyone failed. Everyone makes
mistakes. The Bible says: the steps of a good man - and we're good men and women,
because God has made us good. Our goodness is because God has put goodness in
us, He's in us. So the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord, though he fall,
though he fall. Well he won't stay down, he'll get up, because the Lord lifts him up. I like
So it doesn't matter how much you fall, if you reach out to God, He'll get you back up
again. So failure for a Christian, well that's just a temporary inconvenience, and a great
opportunity to learn. There's one thing sure, you can rely on God to get you back up
again see? Says the righteous man, though he falls seven times - in other words, he
keeps falling over - God will lift him up again. God always loves to lift people up again,
and it's interesting that when you get into a church environment, there's t his whole fear
of failing seems to come round people. Not only that, there's with it a religious Pharisaic
spirit, that judges people for failing, as though we hadn't failed. I don't know, but when
we just took communion there, my understanding of communion is ain't no way to get
into heaven, until you bow the knee and admit you've failed. The rich man, the poor
man, the wealthy man, it won't matter who they are, we all come into heaven the same
way. You bow the knee to Jesus Christ, and you admit: I failed . [Laughs] Yes, you're
going to have to admit something, got to own up, and that someone took responsibility
for the failure. When you acknowledge your failure, and reach out and take
responsibility to believe, then what will happen is, God can lift you up and make you
change, so that's a great thing to know.
Always need to be reminded in church, everyone here makes mistakes, fails, does
things wrong and imperfectly, every day. Well that's not something to be worried about
is it? We do a lot of good things as well. Anyway let's go into this. I want to show
something. What I love about the Bible is it's full of glorious mistakes and failures,
absolute major mistakes. Look at this in Genesis 3:7-13. Let's see where the blame
game started, and you notice in verses 7-13: the eyes of them both were opened. They
knew they were naked. They sewed fig leaves together, and made themselves
coverings. That's Adam and Eve. They heard the sound of the Lord God walking in the
garden, so they hid themselves. Isn't it interesting, when you know something's wrong,
you want to avoid church, avoid fellowship, avoid meetings, anything to avoid feeling
uncomfortable, and being reminded you've got something bad going on in your life?
People think: well the only way I can come to God , is if I get my life right. Well that's
ridiculous. You come to God because your life isn't right. He accepts you like you are,
and says: I'll help you change. You've got to get a handle on this kind of stuff. So notice
here: they went and they hid; so hiding, when people are hiding, it means they've got
something to be hiding about. They're guilty, and they've failed. It says: they heard the
sound of the Lord God, and they hid themselves; and the Lord called to Adam and said:
hey, where are you? I like this. God talks real simple. Notice what He says: Where are
you? Who told you? Did you eat the fruit of the tree? He just nailed him with three
questions. God asked questions, meaning He knows the answers, He's about to nail