Blame Game HTML version

admit that. Take responsibility and acknowledge failure so that God can lift you up, and
you can change. Look at some of the glorious mistakes & failures recorded in the Bible,
then discover powerful keys for handling our failures and moving on.
"It's not my fault, you can't blame me for that". If we don't relentlessly deal with the
Blame Game, then we think we're trying to move in faith, but we're actually continuing
old patterns of unbelief and irresponsibility. The Blame Game started in Genesis, when
God talked to Adam & Eve about eating the fruit of the tree. When they started blaming,
God stopped talking - they experienced the consequences of their decision. Will you
stop blaming and start to take responsibility? Find creative options. Take action. Jesus
took responsibility for the sins of the world, offering hope and a different future.
[13:35] I want to just start on another short series. This year we're looking at what it
means to be apostolic, but what I want to do at this point is I want to just address an
issue, which is a big one in New Zealand, called the Blame Game, the Blame Game. I'm
sure you have played it. It goes like this: it's not my fault. You can't blame me for that,
it's not my fault. We have a culture you know, we live in a culture, which is a culture of
blame. When you live in a culture of blame, you start to think and act and behave and
do what everyone else does, so when there's a culture which one of the aspects of
culture is people blame one another, we then turn to get in, buy in and do the same kind
of thing. So when people blame someone else, they kind of feel a bit better; oh not my
fault, it's you, it's what you did. The problem is that, when you blame someone else, you
remain powerless to change your situation; and God is wanting us to become
empowered as people and believers.
If you're going to be empowered as a believer, and begin to move in dimensions of faith,
you have to be relentless in addressing any habits you have of passing the buck, or
blaming someone else. To walk in faith will require that we take responsibility, so I want
to push in on this area of the blame game, so we begin to understand what it looks like,
sounds like, so that we can deal with it. There was an interesting thing in the United
States recently. Two very overweight women sued McDonalds. [Laughter] They sued