Blame Game HTML version

So from the beginning God designed us to live in a world, where we are required to step
up and face challenges, and overcome them. You are wired by God that way. You're
designed for this. Isn't that really good? Now of course as soon as Adam and Eve
sinned, then immediately when God spoke to them, and held them to be responsible for
what they had done, they started the blame game. The blame game goes something
like this: it's not my fault. Wasn't me, it's the woman You gave me. Don't blame me! The
woman - well don't blame me, it's that serpent. Why do You make serpents? They
cause so much trouble. I don't - no one likes snakes! So the blame game means we
shift responsibility for outcomes away from ourselves, to somewhere else, we won't take
responsibility, and the blame game has been practiced every since. We live in a culture
which seems to celebrate blame, it's not my fault. It's not my fault. Now you've got to
realise this, that freedom and responsibility are connected. Everyone cries freedom, but
you've got to realise, it's a twin with responsibility.
You think about this. A child, because it does not take up the responsibility of feeding
itself, someone's got to feed it. Because it hasn't got responsibility at bedtime, someone
puts it to bed. Because it hasn't got responsibility for cleaning up its nappies, someone
cleans up its nappies, so children, relatively, have little freedom. But as they grow, and
are able to take on responsibility, then they can actually have more freedom; and it's
true as you're an adult, you are required to be responsible. If you are irresponsible,
society or government will take away your freedom. In the end they lock you up, and
you don't even have freedom to turn your light on and off, or to open the door or shut
the door. You're in jail because you were irresponsible; so they're linked, responsibility
and freedom. If you want freedom, you must become responsible, so when people get
into the blame game, they then lose freedom. The moment you blame someone else,
too bad, you're powerless, you can't do anything. We should feel sorry for you, but we're
not, because God never called you to be like that, He called us to cha nge.
So I want to just share a little thing that happens, it happened in my life. It happens in
the lives of many people, and I want you to be able to tune in and pick it up, if it's
happening in you. In Proverbs 23:7, it says: as a man thinks in his heart, so he is. So if
you believe it, it's true. That's how it'll work out for you. If you believe it, then that's how
it's going to work out for you - as a man thinks in his heart that's how he is, that's how
his life goes. People learn to be helpless or powerless. People learn to be helpless or
powerless. It's a phenomena they call 'learned helplessness'. Now let me just explain it,
and then I'm going to just give you a few examples of it, and I want you to hear some of
these ones which abound everywhere there are Christians. If you don't recognise it,
you'll never change it; and I want to show you how God works to change our lives, so
we move from being powerless, and being in bondage, and how we come to a place of
being faced with Him, commissioning us to go into the world and change it. God wants
to shift us from a life in bondage to sin and all kinds of things, into a life which is fully
empowered and has victory - but there's a transition point between living in bondage,
and beginning to explore all that God has got for you. I want to show you exactly how
God takes us through a process to get us there.