Blame Game HTML version

we like and leave other things out. Go out and change the culture, ARISE = plan of God.
· Saul was positioned and anointed by God as a K ing.
· Saul was expected to fulfill God given assignments.
· Saul obeyed partially – did what he agreed with.
· Samuel confronts Saul: Defensive responses
i) Denial - when face with painful reality Saul denied it - verses 13,20
- Denial protects people from pain facing issues/ignores.
- Saul – „bless the Lord, I have done what God wanted”. Samuel heard lams bleating and asked
Saul about them. Saul did have the plan God instructed to him. Does God hear bleating in the
ii) Minimizing – look for ways in doing damage co ntrol by making the issue smaller than it is, to
avoid pain for us.
iii) Excuses/Blame - admit there is a problem but refuse any responsibility, “Yes, but …” =
excuses, people wanted to take the best; it is them they didn‟t want to get rid of the good stuff.
iv) Rationalise – admit there is a problem but explain it away – „Spin Doctor‟ – Make it look
· He tried to fob off what God wanted him to do. He didn‟t own his responsibility.
· Defensive people = not taking responsibility, act like victims and p lay the blame game.
· Even when made to face responsibility Saul wanted to keep us appearances to look good before
· Defensiveness is a major form of avoiding personal responsibility - verse 25,30.
· Saul‟s consequence = he lost his right to rule.
· We are anointed as priests and kings. We are able to go and reach out to people and win them
to Jesus Christ through prayer and faith action. Have you embraced this? This is God‟s plan.
· If we personally don‟t take responsibility of our own life, we loose our ability to do it, we
become oppressed = no anointing or empowerment in our own life to fulfill Gods instructions.
We make the choice and God will be with us.
5) You Always have a Choice:
Deuteronomy 30:19 - “I set before you life and death, blessing and cursing therefore choose life
that both you and your seed may live”
· You always have a choice!
- It may not be the preferred one but there is always an option.
· All choices have consequences!
- Blaming is a choice! The consequence for this = helpless, resentful
- The choice you make affects the next generation. Put you arms around them even if God didn‟t
create them, use your creativeness to change.
· Life is Not Fair or Just – Accept that Reality!
- People wish for a world that is just and fair where people do, what people should do and good
thing happen to good people.
- Stop sitting protesting, „Not fair” and blaming others.
- Deal with life as it is – not what it should be.
- „God enables me to change the bad in my life/this messed up world to make great decisions.
God is with me, I can make a difference.‟
- W sinned? = man. Who took the responsibility? = Jesus (for everyone‟s failures). Jesus didn‟t
go to the Father telling Him of His bad plan. We together can make a change.