Blame Game HTML version

Father, I just pray that you'd give grace to every person who's responded today, to
begin to make choices that are different, to break out of blame, and into taking positive
action. Father, I pray that a creative anointing would be upon us all, to see ways through
situations we haven't seen before, instead of waiting for someone else to do it. Father, I
pray initiative would begin to come upon people in the church, in seeing problems, to
begin to ask You what they could do, and how they could work, and begin to think with
You: how they could work to change this. Father, I just pray that in these days ahead,
the church is going to arise out of this victim mentality, out of blame shifting, and into a
place of being very, very proactive in solving problems in the community. Father, I pray
for release of your anointing upon us right now. I feel the presence of God here, favour
of God here.
· “It is not my fault!”, “Can‟t blame me for that!”
· People think, act and behave as the culture around them, does as everyone else does.
· When you blame someone else you stay powerless to change your situation.
· God wants us to be empowered as believers.
· To walk in faith enquire us to take responsibility.
· Culture = the behaviors and beliefs that are characteristic of as group of people e.g. Youth
Culture; Drug Culture; also Blame Culture
· Culture of Blame = people rather blame anyone or anything for their misery than to take
responsibility to own the problem and make it better.
· Blame = makes people „feel better‟
= does nothing to solve the problem
= people think, feel and act as if there is nothing they can do.
· Core = instead of taking ownership of their problem in doing something about it, blame others
or something, assigned responsibility of condition outside self.
· Example: USA – 2 overweight girls blamed McDonalds for their eating habits – sued
· Examples: People Blame : Father / Mother / Teachers / Church / Pastors / Government/
Background/Experiences/Lack of Education/Lack of Opportunities
· Key issues: Will you stop blaming and start taking responsibility?
· Is God my source or not? Do we blame or excuse ourselves for what is going on inside us?
· Learn to play the cards you were dealt, stop wishing for a new hand of cards.
· To be powerless, remain victim = blame.
· You are who you are because of the choices you make.
· It‟s not what happened to you, it‟s how you respond to them/it.
You are Designed for Dominion:
Genesis 1:26-28 - “Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth and subdue it, have dominion …”
· God‟s great gift to man – Free Will – ability to choose!
· You are able to desire and make choices, take responsibility for your desires and dreams.