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Blame Game
Mike Connell
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Blame Game (3 sermons)
Passing the Blame (1 of 3) "It's not my fault, you can't blame me for that". If we don't
relentlessly deal with the Blame Game, then we think we're trying to move in faith, but
we're actually continuing old patterns of unbelief and irresponsibility. The Blame Game
started in Genesis, when God talked to Adam & Eve about eating the fruit of the tree.
When they started blaming, God stopped talking - they experienced the consequences
of their decision. Will you stop blaming and start to take responsibility? Find creative
options. Take action. Jesus took responsibility for the sins of the world, offering hope
and a different future.
You Always Have a Choice (2 of 3) God empowered man with a free will, and the ability
to overcome challenges in life. Man learned to be helpless, he developed limiting beliefs
about himself. Israel learned to be slaves (helpless) in Egypt. The challenges they faced
in the wilderness were designed to shift their slave mentality to explore what God had
for them. We have the ability to handle every challenge in life if we choose to believe &
trust God. We disqualify ourselves from our destiny, purpose & blessing if we blame &
make excuses. Learn how you can break free from learned helplessness. Choose to
Dealing with Failure (3 of 3) The origin of the Blame Game is failure. Blame places the
responsibility for a failure/mistake on people or circumstances. We all fail, we need to