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Gustav o Homsi
From Brazil, passionate child for aero models attends
Military High School, and college at; car mechanical
engineering at FEI and civil engineering at FEB.
He works building banks, houses, sugar mills and dams.
Gustav o makes many trips to Europe, Scandinav ia,
USA, Canada and American South Cone. He v isits most of the
museums, cathedrals, monuments and important cultural
ev ents in these countries.
In Ilhabela, he designs and executes thirty works,
dream houses and hotels, many published in the Architecture
and Co nstruction Magazine, Abril Editions. He falls in love with
div ing, boats, fishing and cooking.
He moves to Miami, continues with the projects in Brazil
and studies English at FIU.
After inheriting a farm, he's back to school, post-
graduate, specialist in Ruminant Production at ESALQ-USP. He
dedicates to genetic improv ement of Quarter Horse, and
Nelore cattle. He has a Japanese restaurant and writes a page,
Lov es & Flav ors, about behav ior and food, at a city newspaper.
Currently, the author dev elops many projects in the arts
and literature.