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The Accident
I was only 12 when the catastrophe occurred. On the 1st of November, I was around a
mate‟s house. We were messing around in his garden. There was a zip wire already set up
in one of the trees and we couldn‟t resist but have a go. That‟s when it happened. I didn‟t
realise I wasn‟t secured in the rope properly, lost my grip and fell about 10-15 feet. I
landed on my head! Tim, one of my closest friends rushed to check if I was alright after
witnessing my fall. As he got closer to my body he became aware of t he extent of my
injury and became scared. I uttered no sound. I was unconscious, unable to hear Tim‟s
shouts and screams.
This was weird that I couldn‟t hear Tim‟s voice seeing as though myself and him were
best friends and I went to school with Tim on a daily basis, we had spent, shared so many
jokes and pranks together whether it be at school or out of school. The driveway to Tim‟s
house was off a remote country lane, it had a row of tall trees down both sides. There
was a huge garden running the length of the driveway and at the end there was a long