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This is a unique modernization of the Bible. It brings the stories of Moses, Samson and Jesus into 20th century America. It retains the original Bible’s chapters and verses, but it replaces Jerusalem with Chicago, and it modernizes the language. By Jack Brackitt.

jason crawford

If you believe that the bible is the word of god, avoid this book.

Achin Kuchin

the Word of God should not be changed in any way whatsoever.

James Marjoram

Really good idea but doesn't quite work. Interesting read though. It comes across a bit comical and tongue in cheek, even though its obviously not meant to be, and could almost be the plot for a Monty Python sketch. Having said that, it could be that my perception of the whole thing is the problem and to someone without all my christian background may be just the thing to bring them into a personal relationship with our loving Father through Jesus. You never know!


The modern "Biblemerica" is fascinating, almost as fascinating to read as the Bible. One keeps reading the original version at the bottom of the page for cross checking to see what the original Bible version is.But after some time the novelty wears off.Somewhere along the way, one gets the feeling that the solemness of the Bible is lost;is the author trivializing issue?Is there a forced attempt at lightheartedness?But then probably new readers might find this version easy to relate to.

D. Barry Carmell

Very interesting.... The real Bible text is also included on the same page...

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