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Chapter 2 - The Yoga of Knowledge
As Arjuna has put down his bow and sat down, Krishna started talking to him. Krishna asked
Arjuna, from where he is bringing this weakness at this difficult situation, in which, Arjuna has
to do his duty as a warrior. Krishna went ahead and told, by exercising such an act, he will not
achieve heaven nor do any fame and he asks Arjuna to leave such weakness behind and do his
duty. Arjuna replied to Krishna, that he will not do such a deed, which can kill his nearer and
dearer, after that he became mute.
"Our Life: Arjuna's weakness came from attachment and fear of the unknown, it’s the same for
us, and we all have our weakness towards losing any attachment. Be it a car, relationship, home
or anything - we don’t want to lose and we are not ready for anything unexpected. We all want
favorable condition throughout life. We pray to god, always bless us with favorable conditions.
The other fact is, we don’t know, how to manage an unfavorable condition or an event. Our
parents or elder in our life don’t teach us, how to manage a death/lose/fear, but they only tell us
to think always in favorable positives. In an unfavorable condition most of us fail or get anxious/
worried/stressed and not able to come out of it. Basically we have never been instructed on how
to manage the loss of something (everything is taken from here and one day they will go off)"
After listening to Arjuna, Krishna has smiled and started speaking those words, which are going
to be the underlying principles for surviving and non living beings in the world and across
worlds. Krishna has told Arjuna, that he is grieving for which, he shouldn’t. He said, as human
changes the dress on a daily basis, the soul also changes its body. The soul which is born in this
world with a body, over a period of time, will leave the body through death, and will again take
the new body and will endure.
“Our life: We all know, every day new cells are born and old cells die in our body. The birth and
death take place in our brain, heart, hand and everywhere. However, we are not aware of!
Because it’s taken care by the supreme power! For many of us, it’s science! (Now if your friend
or wife says, that you are not the same as of yesterday, you can accept with a smile ()"
Krishna went ahead and told Arjuna, the wise man will take pleasure and pain the same way, the
body is perishable can't be protected , but the soul is imperishable and no one can cause
destruction to them.