Bhagavad Gita for Dummies HTML version

Now coming back, imagine now- we are looking from the purest soul perspective the way the
other two layers are working with us- the good and bad responses."
Arjuna had a look, he can see only his uncle, forefathers, teachers and well wishers on either
side and he couldn't understand, who his real enemies out there are, as he was confused by
the relationship and attachment he has with them. He tells Krishna, Even if someone gives me
the three worlds, I will not kill them to attain it. I am not here as greedy, who k ills his own
people to achieve something and I will not be able to take the sin which arises out of this act.
As a common man, we can say, Arjuna was really good and he is not ready to put down his
family for the price of land. Also Arjuna is asking for peace and what’s wrong with it?
"Our Life: For most of us, peace is something important. According to us ' peace' is something
which is normal life without any change and not getting into any new position or it’s a position
of making no decision. The fact is, being ignorant of most of the happenings in the surroundings
and self is what many a time we do for this peace. If we don’t grow our voice against social
discrimination, discrimination, family or any level, we live in peace, if this is our way of peace,
it’s "ignorance". We like to do that, because we don’t want to take decisions in our life and we
don’t want to miss anything in life (attachment & relationship to something). This is exactly what
Arjuna felt."
Arjuna goes on and says to Krishna, instead of doing such a sin of killing my own men and get
the sun, which will impact my life and all members in the family, I would rather go to battlefield
without any armor and die at the hands of Kauravas'. He put is his bow and sat down in the cart.
Arjuna has concluded, what's good and what's not good and what will fetch him sin and
everything. His conclusion was based on his understanding and knowledge of what is the criteria
or description of good.
"Our Life: The results coming out of an activity are classified by us good and bad, and they are
decided so, by the community rule, a situation, point of view, etc. The human eye can’t see
clearly anything which is far and can see only the things which are nearer, the same way his
rules are based on the closer things, which he sees, live and believe. It doesn't mean all others
are false. Just because we don’t see a micro-organism in our bare eye, it doesn't mean there is
nothing! We watch movies and we get emotional, don’t we know that’s untrue! But that’s human
and he is driven by emotions, fantasies and desires! Human thinks, he is the wisest of all and he
knows what’s right and what’s wrong! But the reality is he doesn’t know himself and his
purpose! Like Arjuna, we also have our own understanding on what’s good/right and
bad/wrong, and it’s only based on our region/religion/society/belief, the same for another human
from a different region/religion/society/belief could mean differently"