Bhagavad Gita for Dummies HTML version

You and I have had our own interpretations, when we read this. You and I had our own
imagination about Krishna and Arjuna, and some you have accepted, some you may have
confronted. Yet we both are united in one voice, that we both are from same supreme power and
we both are part of it, here age never matters, money never matters, a positio n never matters. By
reading this or by writing this or by arguing this, we may not be completely changed from today
to tomorrow, we might be still doing most of them in same way. Even so I recognize that
everything comes from him, including me, this will help me to manage elements in life. In the
introduction, I was saying that I am searching for identity, now my search is stopped, and I know
who I am. Now, I don’t feel lonely, even the loneliest time in my future, I know I will not be
lonely. You may have completely different ideas on what I wrote, it’s absolutely fine. Because
what I wrote is also contributed by him, what you think is also created by him; he is not someone
who can put in words. The words presented here are triggers for us, but more than that every
living being enjoys him within them, then you can describe him more than what is here! You can
cherish him more than what's here! This is no conclusion, this a running experience. As a
villager lives in a village, without seeing the world, with my limited abilities I tried to understand
Gita in my own way to my capability and shared it, there could be pundit’s who travelled across
the globe, have read line by line, word by word and done lots of research on Bhagavad Gita, they
can find many errors in this compilation. However for a villager, who enjoys the humming of the
birds, who sees wonderful butterflies, and having healthy food, it may not matter what FM radio
brings, what an operating system performs, what’s the on time performance of a flight operator...
does he really need to bother?!! It’s finally turns out to be, how you perceive and live and what
he had blessed for you!!!"