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Chapter 18 - The Yoga of Moksha by Renunciation
Arjuna asked Krishna, what is sacrifice and what is sannyasa (living as saint) in terms of action.
Krishna told Arjuna, declining all the actions to satisfy material nature, leads to sannyasa,
surrendering the fruitive results leads to sacrifice. At any time, worshiping, sacrifice and charity
should not be given up, this even helps the purest souls to achieve higher state. However if they
are performed with attachment, then they are of no use. When the prescribed duties are
performed without expectation of result then it’s of goodness, the prescribed duties are
selectively performed and also with expectations then it’s about passion, the duties are turned
down because of illusion then it’s about ignorance. It’s impossible for someone to be without any
duties; so leaving the results for me is the best. The body, performer, senses, undertakings and
super soul all of them combined perform the action, so if anyone thinks that he also did the
action, it means he is ignorant. In goodness, the knowledge sees the supreme soul in everyone,
the action is performed without attachment, love and hatred, the performer has no ego, lot of
enthusiasm, no waver on success or failure. In passion the knowledge sees different people in
bodies, actions are performed with great effort to satisfy the desires, the performer is always
worried about fruitive results, envy and greed. In ignorance, knowledge sees darkness in
everything, the action is performed with illusion and neglect, the perfo rmer is cheating, lazy and
In goodness, the agreement helps to determine the right actions, the determination is unbreakable
and oriented with clean faith, the happiness which starts as tough one and ends as pure one. In
passion, the understanding is not able to differentiate the right and wrong actions, the
determination is based on results/economic/religious/sense gratification, and happiness is based
on the senses, they start as pure and end as Poisson. In Ignorance, the understanding is the
wrong actions will be perceived as good ones, determination is based on illusion, dreaming and
unintelligent, the happiness is from beginning to end it’s of delusion. These three characters
impact everyone. Being purified by intelligence, self control, who performs duties , controls
food, removes false pride, ego, who lives in peace can understand me , as I am , the supreme
god, they in full consciousness serve me and accept me. Though engaged in all kinds of
activities, my devotee achieves me. The one who is conscious on me, who always thinks of me, I
am there to help him cross this life and he will never be lost. As supreme god, I am there in
everyone, just they need to surrender to me, and then I take care of them. The most confidential
knowledge is , always think about me, worship, surrender all results to me, by this you will come
to me, without fail, I promise this. The one who understand this should tell to others and the one
who hears this with full faith and follows it, will also reach me. After hearing this Arjuna told to
the supreme god, that he understands his duty and ready to do it immediately.