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Chapter 14- The Yoga of the Three Gunas
Krishna told Arjuna that he is the seed giving father of all living beings and the material body of
the physical structure of all living organisms. As living beings are born, by the very nature, they
get three gunas (Characteristics), namely goodness (Sattva), Passion (Rajas) and
Ignorance/Darkness (Tamas). Every living being consists of these three gunas. The goodness
consists of knowledge, wisdom and illumination, the Passion consists desire, joy, pain,
attachment, etc. and the ignorance consists of darkness, madness, cruelty. The Goodness in a
person can overrule passion and ignorance, similarly passion can overrule the goodness and
ignorance, similarly Ignorance can overrule the goodness and passion, all of these happening at
any instance in a living being life and over a period of time. At the time of death if one mainly
consists of Goodness (over a period of time), then he reached the heaven and he is born again in
between good rational people, if one consists of passion then he takes birth again, in between the
greedy action oriented people and the one consists of Ignorance goes to hell and born again with
the similar people or as an animal. The one who understand all these three characteristics
actually drives the living being, and when he realizes it’s only the supreme god who is creating
the illusion, will stay away from them, by not attaching himself with the action and its result, he
will not hate happiness or sadness as both are same for him, and this person reaches the supreme
"Our Life: Let us pose a few questions before us, is there any time we helped to the one who
deserved? Is there any time we felt truly happy and thought, why doesn’t the time stops at this
instance or I can die at this instance? Is there any time really we felt cheated or betrayed or we
tried to present an unwanted feedback on someone? Truly for most of us, the answer will be yes,
it’s nothing but, we travel across the goodness, passion and ignorance characteristics. When we
serve, if we interpret the person's condition is improved with that help, it’s goodness, however if
you feel happy for that, maybe we are entering in to Passion, and if we feel only we can do that
then we are ignorant. In a simple action, these three characteristics can dominate a person. Most
of us live in Passion as the dominant character for us, because that drives us to do actions and
makes us feel happy, sense of achievement, etc... At the same time we become emotional,
sensitive, bring misery, etc... In an Indian common man life , he spends most of his time in
talking on politics, cricket (sports), movies and actors, share market and land and then new
addition is spirituality with meditation (or health ) for some men/women it’s extended fashion
and food & travel. All of these are passion for us, we talk, we witness, we read about all these
and satisfy our judgment and sense, which is purely driven by the passion. More than spending
time on self-realization , leave it... We can’t sit quiet for an hour, without television, mobile,
radio, or people... We always need someone/something to satisfy or interact; this is where
Passion drives us mainly. If someone praises us or our action or our achievement, aren't we
happy? Yes, most of us like it... If someone comes and gifts you a wrapped box, aren't we curious
to open and see...Some of the also calculate the worth of the gift, based on what we gifted for