Bhagavad Gita for Dummies HTML version

attachments. The one who is understood this, and performs the action, will never born again. The
one can see the supreme Lord in all beings and he never destroys the self, because of this virtue
and he reaches god. A man who realizes that all desires and actions are based on this nature and
senses, he will attain the supreme divinity. The one, who can understand, the body, knowledge
of the body, nature and living being characteristics, will be able to cross over and pass the
supreme deity.
“Our Life: We develop our knowledge based on the question "Why", and we understand the logic
in the answer and we gather our knowledge. From childhood, this is the technique we adopt to
acquire our knowledge. Hence most of the time, we need some logic which we can understand, to
qualify an information as knowledge and store in our psyche and operate accordingly. However
not always we need logic to satisfy ourselves and act, this is very much true when there is high
negative or positive benefit is involved. In this case, we accept anything without logic. While
walking in a street, someone says, in Next Street there is a street pump which flows lava (volcano
eruption) into the street and many of them injured, we will not even go there... Though we might
be knowing, there is no possibility of that... Even when someone said, the gods' idol is drinking
milk, we all carried milk... When someone takes away gods' idol from his mouth, we all realize
that as god’s blessing...This very nature of us, runs in the mind and controls the senses. When
someone says, don’t think about a monkey, we think about it... why, because we want to know
why? If they say to you, the moment you think about a monkey, you will die...again you will
think.. It's because of fear. ... Fear of change/impact is a major reason to think adversely...Why
do we have fear? Because we like the current position with us and we don’t want change from
it...more than that we are very much attached to the elements, body, relationship, etc.. So we
don’t want change, so fear creeps in, when fear is there - we don’t need logic, our knowledge
breaks... in that situation, we can act as ill, superstitious, cry and lower our stability. So we have
to keep using the question "why", but when we don’t use it, it means there is something that we
need to take care of it.. At the same time, we take little information about a logic (which we can
understand) and we store them as knowledge. (Fire will burn! We don’t test it, we just take this
information as knowledge) ... So the knowledge have to be complete even about our
body, attachments, senses and everything... If we don’t have it, then senses (like fear, happiness,
etc.) will start controlling us, which leads only to misery.
God's creations and he himself is an Oxymoron or conflicting thing.... Unless we understand
him, this would be our view point. The smallest atom, when split can destroy a country! The
lightest air can uproot any structure! The smallest of a cell, can create a human! And so on, how
the sky is open and visible at a distance, but when you reach there, there is no end to it, that’s
how god also! He has no end and no beginning and he is the smallest but the most
magnanimous, he kept the secrets and knowledge of all secrets in our mind also and in the
universe also! Like water he fits into the shape you require! It’s up to us to think in the way we
want! You think him as a flower; he comes to you as a flower! You think he as a knife; he comes