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Chapter 13 - The yoga of the Field and it’s Knower
Arjuna asked Krishna to explain what is field, who is the person known of field, what is
knowledge, what is nature and what is living being in it. Krishna explained to Arjuna, the body
of the self is called Field, the person who understand his body and its senses, is called the person
who knows the field. The understanding of them is knowledge. The body has five great
elements, egoism, intellect, ten senses and mind, desire, hatred, joy, pain, intelligence, revere nce,
etc. and when they combine with the mind they derive all the actions.. The humility, modesty,
forgiveness, service to the teacher, purity, steadiness, self control, absence of attachment to
objects, absence of egoism, Clarity in perception of birth- death- old age-sickness and pain,
unattached to the affection of son, wife, home and maintaining equality for desirable and
undesirable, constant in self realization, all of them are called knowledge. The things which are
opposite to this is called ignorance. The one who is understood his body and separate himself
with his knowledge is the one, who reaches me.
"Our Life: Have you noticed; wherever you see a mirror, irrespective of how many times we
have seen ourselves in a day, many of us wish to see once again in the mirror!! Check when you
are in office washroom, restaurant, hospital, shopping market, anywhere... If we take a stock that
how much time we spend time in gratifying the bodily senses, it might be very interesting
information for us... We spend lot of time in external care of the body, the look, the color, skin
care, hair growth and so on ( good for cosmetics seller :)) then we spend time in satisfying the
taste senses , search for food, restaurants, snacks and then physical and mental satisfaction on
through various activities.. Most of us live for the sake of satisfying the body and its senses and
nothing more for us... Do we ever try to distinguish the body and our self separately?!! Very when a pain comes to your body, it heavily impacts your mind and senses, because you
have always given your body the priority... When your senses are not satisfied, you get wild, your
mind goes out of control (example: if you don’t have tasty food for few days, are not you get wild
with family member or service provider?)... Some people have low confidence, because
physically they don’t appear great, whose mistake is this!! It’s only theirs... Knowledge is
superior, and our mind should constantly work on it, then our body and its senses take less
priority, so that we can control”
Krishna told Arjuna, the supreme power is in every being, it’s smaller and larger, it’s undivided
but yet divided, it’s unmoving but yet moving, it’s the light and also darkness, the understanding
of these phenomena is knowledge. The nature has all the materialistic things span across and
that's the cause, the living being with their characters like desire, ego, attachment, senses they
utilize the nature and produce auctions, which will result in good/bad, pleasure/pain, etc. I am the
lord as a witness, a permitter, an enjoyer and a non-enjoyer, I keep doing my duties without any