Bhagavad Gita for Dummies HTML version

"Our Life: Can we did not envy about what happens with our friends and relatives like
promotion, marriage, assets, etc.? Sure we can... first thing we have to recognize and respect
ourselves and our life, the second thing we have to realize there is nothing more than the
supreme personality of God , and all others have no value... So then why did I say, first you need
to respect yourself... it’s because the supreme personality of God lives in you, that’s why you
need to first respect yourself.
Ego is a very important emotion of a human being, beyond a point it can hit you like a beast. Ego
basically comes from comparative nature of us, either to prove to someone or to society or group
of people - that we are not inferior or to prove we are superior...People want to go on VIP lane
in some places, if no permission is given, then their ego is triggered, people don’t want to follow
certain rules, but when they are forced, their ego is triggered, people want to have last word in
any discussion, if not, then ego is triggered and so on.... Basically the person who is not self
aware and who can be taken by the situation for a ride, will undergo this for many times... False
Ego, can create emotional imbalance, which means meaningless speech and activity to follow,
and will take you in to trouble. Finally to resolve this, you have to either tell lies or imagine
yourself that others has done very wrong things to you (may be more than what was the reality)
... To overcome the False Ego, it’s very important to realize yourself, see god in others, believe
in the actions of god and don’t attach you for fame and honor. Because when you are attached to
something, false ego can be easily activated. We are sure in most of the violence and relationship
breaking; false ego is the primary reason. By losing these characteristics, you will have a better
life (as your relatives/friends/known or anyone whom you interact will be also comfortable).
Having said that, it doesn't mean being a fool or allow others to take you for a ride... Be firm
when it’s right and it’s your duty, but never be egoistic!! "