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Chapter 12 - The Yoga of Devotion
Recognizing the supreme god, Arjuna wanted to know which is the best way to reach him and
what kind of people are dearer to the supreme god. Krishna told Arjuna, the one who always
worships me and keep faith with their mind in me is the most perfect, and the others who
controls the senses and do welfare of others also reach me. Krishna told there are various ways of
reaching him, by fixing the mind on Krishna and engaging all the intelligence on Krishna, the
individual lives within Krishna, however if that’s not possible, then involve in meditation
practices to achieve the supreme power, if that’s not possible, then should involve in devotional
service, if that’s not possible, then give all your results of action to me and work, if that’s not
possible, work on developing knowledge on me.
"Our Life: At least In India we see, people worshiping God in numerous forms, from stone to
animal to human to giant humans, etc. These courses are made to believe god is in every form
and few of the practices are made to regulate the people’s participation in devotional activities,
like a month long festival, a month long prayer, etc. Basically they tend to shift the nature of
people by this consistent practice. Also the forms of gods are mostly family based like son,
mother, etc. They help people understand how they need to live in their life and gods are more
like super models (in family life). As we go to an ashram or Matt we understand that people
learn Veda’s and they perform rituals, etc. ...In places like Himalayas we could see yogis, who
has no desire and perform no action to live, who live mostly in mediation... People like us , who
love to hear about god , what it is , why it is and try to argue few things, it’s nothing but we try to
develop knowledge in that area (and same goes to religious meetings and prayers to learn on
this).. Some people believe helping others and performing good things is the service to god... All
of them are path to reach the supreme power, however at any point in time, if you think, by doing
this you will definitely reach god; you already lost your path!!!
We see advertisement boards on donated products, we see the names of people kept in charity
trust, we see temples built on every street/community - it seems god should serve their
street/community also, we see that rituals overtake underlying prin ciples told in Gita, we see
people go to religious meetings to build up contacts and feel proud to organize such meetings in
their place and so on.... By doing all this, we already lost our path to reach him and again his
illusions are hard to come by! (We are proving by doing all this)"
Krishna told to Arjuna, the one who is not envious but friendly to all living beings, free from
false ego, who is always satisfied, who is tolerant, who is self controlled, whose judgment and
intelligence is fixed on me, such a person is very dear to me. One who neither rejoices
nor grieves, who waivers the auspicious and inauspicious things, who is equipoise in honor and
dishonor, fame and infamy, who is fixed in knowledge and who is engaged in devotional service,
such a person is very dear to me. Those who follow devotional service path and who are
completely engages themselves with faith and making me as supreme goal is very dear to me.