Bhagavad Gita for Dummies HTML version

famous, heroic people also go into your mouth in a hurry for their destruction, and I see fiery
race everywhere. I have seen these fiery forms of in you, who you are with these forms, he asked
Krishna. Supreme god replied, I am the destruction and time, I engage in destructing the world
and its living and non living beings in every moment. He also said, even without Arjuna gets into
the fight, the Kauravas and their supporters will be destroyed, and Arjuna is only a tool for this
action. Arjuna is not the one who actually kills, it’s Krishna who already killed them and it’s
going to take place in an instant. Arjuna bowed in front of god and told, now I understand why
everyone praise you and the saints pray to you, you are the imperishable, all the planets and
everything comes from you, I bend in front you with my devotion as an oblation. I addressed you
in my life differently in different time, treating you very normally, in the process I would have
insulted you some time, please forgive me, you are the father of the universe, you are greatest
guru in this world, I understand you are the supreme. I am delighted as I see the form, which no
one ever got wind; now I want to see you in the divine peaceful form with four arms, to get
peace to my mind. Please provide such a view of yours for me. Krishna told, you have witnessed
the universal and supreme form of mine, this is my original pattern, none has examined it before,
not by any rituals, austerities- one can see this form and none other than you can see this form,
now don’t be afraid and get confused, I revert to the form which you requested. Then god has
shown the four armed universal form to Arjuna.
"Our Life: When we see a man, who is seven feet tall (172" inch) and with broad shoulder
around 46" inch and when he crosses us, there is some nervousness we get! When we sit in front
of a sea, its nice experience, now if we see some big waves come from it, we catch nervousness!
We travel on the road, suddenly a huge noise, and two vehicles had an accident, and we see
people with blood, again some nervousness! If that’s what we are, then suddenly we see god who
is not measurable in height ... (oh! Human need some measurement to imagine, else it’s
difficult... so take for example more than 2000 meters/6000 feet ++++) and that too with so
many hands and heads, how do we feel? Think the closest person in your life, the person's work
is now changed and daily that person needs to kill minimum 2 people and then they will meet
you... How would you feel about the person, with this activity?! So when God, who according to
us, is always pleasant and do only favorable things to us (we need him for doing favors :)),
suddenly shows the destructing side of him, do we feel normal... No way, we might need lemon
juice, some ice pack and someone to say "All is Well" :)... in this entire process, what we
understand is that we also imagined the universal form to an extend we can! This imagination
power is nothing but his grace alone, without him the power of imagination will not there! The
Arjuna was none other than you and me, the god has shown the universal form, in our mind.
Having witnessed such a form of him, now it’s time for you to see the shape of a cool four armed
universal form... hope we can still imagine, so I give it to you!.. Don’t worry in most of our life,
we live with imagination only, without imagination- solutions, resolutions, creation, destruction
and nothing will hold! In fact imagination is a blessing given by god! (What will happen, if I get
up one day in the morning, and I realize the entire life, which I lived was my one day dream !) "