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Chapter 11- The Yoga of Cosmic Form
Brief Expectation Setting:
Before we read this chapter it’s important for us to be imaginative. So, we will now imagine
"Sun" in our mind... take a few seconds... ok... How big was the sun we imagined?! A paper size
or a building size or mountain size ... our imagination was nothing but, how we see the sun in
normal life, it’s something far away and looks like a car wheel size ... But the fact is , the Sun is
more than a million times bigger than what you imagined... now tries to magnify the size by 100
times.. Then to a 1000 times... Then two million times... oops... the memory is fully dumped, the
brain is unable to process the image... now you might feel like restarting your brain! See, this is
the power of imagination and truth...but we like to live with our own illusions... coming back,
this imagination to an extent is required to go through this chapter...
Chapter for Dummies:
Arjuna told Krishna, that his illusions are gone, and he realized Krishna is everything, and
having known that, he is now interested in seeing god in all those forms, which god has
prescribed. He asked Krishna is that possible for him to see that form? Krishna told, the divine
form has many a million sorts of things in it, with variegated colors and shapes, and many more
gods and living beings and everything are there in it, and no one, has ever seen that before.
Krishna told, whatever Arjuna wants to see, everything, irrespective of time, geography, secrets,
and forms, he can catch them all. Krishna told Arjuna, for him to see such a form a divine eye is
required and he blessed him with that. Then the god has shown the universal and timeless form
to Arjuna.
"Our Life: I had this question, that's why a special eye do is required, can’t we see in our normal
eye that form... Hmm... When I go to a 3d movie, unless I wear a special glass, I don’t see
anything there, in fact the picture is more blur, the moment I wear the glass, I can feel 3d...
When I see picture in picture Television, I am not able to recognize all the happenings in the
nine screens in a moment of time in my mind, though the television might show everything.
Likewise, my eyes can cover nearly 180 degree vision, but unless I concentrate not all the
happenings in that visible area are recognized by the mind... My eyes can’t see anything in the
darkness, but a special binocular is able to see... so many things, my eyes can’t get along, even
though this is the best intelligent automatic focus lens in the world, ever produced. Now I realize
why Arjuna needed a special divine eye for this..."
The universal form has contained many mouths and eyes, divine ornaments everywhere, and
holy weapons held in thousands of hands, wearing divine garlands and colorful rays of light
everywhere and it’s like thousands of suns have joined together in one spot, there are faces
everywhere. Arjuna was seeing more and more in that phase and started speaking to the Supreme
God, I realize all the gods in you, all the saints in you, I see thousands of typefaces, a nd so many