Bhagavad Gita for Dummies HTML version

existence and nonexistence only comes from me. This world and universe are one part of me, but
I am not a complete part in anything. Again, I am unattached to anything and I am performing
my duty.
“Our Life: In our day to day life, we never realizes, what are we? Where our life is going? Who
controls us? And so on... We never ask any questions, about us and why we are part of this
world... We feel uncomfortable to ask such questions…. Because we know those answers; will
bring some level of detachment to things, with which we are currently attached, also the fear of
losing the race with others. There are many of us, who think, why should I ask such question? I
am happy with my life and I have children, I have assets, etc., then why I need to bother what’s
what?!!.. Also we believe that spending time in these questions is meaningless. I agree with you,
if your aim is not to understand and pass the supreme god, but to gain some good deeds and
spend life as it is, like ant/tiger/monkey/wolf/plant/bird or like any other living being, then you
are absolutely correct. You will also lead a life, which is prefixed; you will also experience
happiness, sadness, success, failure and everything, like the one who abides by the supreme
god’s path. The difference will be, the one who understand the glory of supreme power will not
get unequinamity and will not be stressed by the happenings at any time, but you will! Anyways,
not everyone is born to follow the path told by supreme god, if so, then there will no balance in
the life systems here, because everyone might reach- no birth state! We all learnt that the earth is
revolving at high speed, but we never feel that movement, similarly still we think that sun “rises”
and “sets” That’s what we are! It requires determination and belief to realize God, without
that, we will lead a life, in which everything is done by” us” only! And we can proudly say
“Ignorance is blessed”.
However for the one, who understands the supreme personality of god is everything, his
expectation in life, with people, with activities, with relationships and with everything is
absolute, but he performs his duty and he realizes the god in himself!
To reach such a mindset, for some it’s easy, for some it needs constant practice. The mind is
practice oriented for most of its sections! If you keep seeing/reading crime movies for a year, you
will be able to simulate any place as a crime scene place! If you see religion based channels, you
keep talking about them; same is for fashion, training, agriculture, health, food, travel, etc.…
The mind can easily be cheated and manipulated and it easily carries the wrong one! Hence for
some people, practice or constant engagement is required to be there in yogic condition, but it’s
not for all! “