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Chapter 9- The Yoga of Royal Secret
Krishna has told Arjuna, since he is the dearest and true disciple of the supreme god, Krishna
will tell the greatest secret to him. He told Arjuna, all the beings are part of him, but he is not
complete in any one part. All beings here have a lifetime and at the end they move out and come
back again to this world. Some call this as nature, in which I send things again and again. Nor I
am bound by any actions, but I keep doing the actions without any attachments. With my
supervision the nature produces the moving and unmoving and the world revolves. I am the food,
medicine, mantra, butter, fire, father of the world, the mother, supporter and grandsire, I am the
knowable, the purifier and syllable “Om” and all Vedas. I am the goal, Sustainer, Lord, witness,
abode, shelter, friend, origin, dissolution, foundation, treasure a nd in many forms, and I am the
imperishable. I give heat, cold, send rain, I am the immortal and I am the death and birth,
existence and non-existence.
“Our Life: It’s very difficult for us to accept all the happenings in life as part of god (not as an
act of god, but it's part of god). This is primarily because the self is made of actions, desires and
ego. A human loses the most and become weak, when he loses the loved one! Or the love! Why
do we really get broke down that time, it’s because we know, that we can never achieve it back...
But why do we want to achieve it back? Because we don’t know what else to do, repeated
memories which don’t leave us, we don’t see any replacement for that love, and our ego – which
categorizes us as worthless, we are not ready to leave thinking, because we as a person feel it’s
wrong to forget…. Hmm… So many people lose their life, do suicide and put them off life and do
badly to their own… But Why? … When god is everything and he lived/lives as your loved one
and he is the one – who is dead or told you to forget or lost somewhere… if so, then why, we are
carrying this sadness, for what we are waiting… When he (God) is gone from the form you
loved, he will come in a new form, for you! There is nothing that you have missed! Whatever was
there in some form and which you loved, will be there in some other form, but you have to be
ready for that! Remember you will also die someday; you will also leave someone alone,
someday! But be sure, with them also god will be there! So accept the changes, as every change
is also he… He is there for you and he never leaves you alone and your loved ones will be there
with him constantly, as Part of him... The only thing, which you can pray is, that they also should
reach the supreme god and there is no return back to the world for them also… So get up and
walk, and never let the smoke surround you and make you feel lost”
Krishna told Arjuna about heaven and birth, the men who follow the Vedas, the soma drinker
(holy drink), pure one, sacrifice a nd the worshipper; they all go to heaven and enjoy the divine
pleasures of gods and demigods. Once their merit is exhausted they again enter into this world as
individuals. It’s cycle in which going and returning happens to human, even if they follow all the
Vedas. The men who worship me alone, for them I secure the place with me. Even the one, who
worships any other gods or in any other forms, they only worship me. I am everything and the