Bhagavad Gita for Dummies HTML version

comparing. Number three, Leading person, for them in life there is no comparison, they want to
contribute/initiate something and they do it for themselves.
Most of us here are running a comparative life, and we don’t want to look back our life. Fear...
Yes we Fear! To know that, whether it’s really a good life, what we are doing here, and so on...
because we believe by the time, we think on this, others will cross us and go... so we keep
pushing and compete with others... The leading person, mentioned here doesn't mean any top
business person or some top official, they are those people who leads their way without any
comparison in their mind and heart, they are not worried about anything new or change,
because they have strong belief in themselves or supreme power. Either of these (Self belief or
belief on Supreme power), according to God, is important for, to be a close one to him."