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Chapter 6: The yoga of Self Control
Krishna told Arjuna that a yogi is the one, who performs actions without depending on the result,
and not the one, who don't perform any action. The one who wins the thoughts can only reach
yoga. The human shouldn't lower themselves, and for a person who has self conquered, his self-
acts as a friend. For the one who has not conquered the self, they see an enemy in themselves.
The yogin, who has conquered the self, for him the earth, sand, gold or anything, seems to be the
same. The person realizes there is nothing superior to him and nothing smaller than him, and he
concentrates on the supreme power.
"Our Life: In our professional and personal life, we watch people behave differently with others,
based on the position/achievement/status, others have obtained. When we talk to the CEO of the
organization, we think as if it’s biggest achievement and when we talk to an office boy, we end
up advising him or treating him as a poor life. None of them are great or poor; they both are
performing their own duty given in this world. An entrepreneur who employs 1000 people is not
great and nor the person cleaning his office space is inadequate. It’s a role given by the supreme
power in this world. A person defeated continuously in his attempts, doesn't mean to be a loser in
life, maybe he has a better life without much attachment and has the ability to handle failures.
All the so called great people had the ability to handle failures, that’s why they were great. When
you sit in front of a top official in the workplace, do you need to be afraid or anxious? No.
Whatever you experience, whatever you perform, is required by the organization/industry/society
that's the reason, you are employed, and so your role and action has to be acknowledged first by
you. As an Individual, you might be much closer to the supreme power and you may have a
better understanding of life and work. So you don’t need to be nervous and need not be
aggressive, be a balanced person."
Krishna has explained Arjuna on how to perform physical yoga and concentrate, he also told, the
one who sleeps and eats more or less, can’t practice them. A person, who sees the self, by self
and satisfied with it, will not have great sorrow. The perso n practicing yoga can concentrate on
self and little by little he can remove the senses and attachments, anything which cause
unsteadiness should be kept away. The person starts seeing me everywhere and in everything.
For him, I never vanish. He who is having comparison with himself, sees everywhere me, he is
highest yogi. O f all the yogis, the one who sees me in the inner self and merged with me, he was
according to me is the most devout.
"Our Life: There are three types of people , number one, person always looking at survival, for
them life is all about living in that short period, anything they will manage to make it. Number
two, Comparative person, his life is always driven by the environment, social happenings and
others, they just see others and try to compete and achieve results and again they start