Bhagavad Gita for Dummies HTML version

Chapter 5 - The Yoga of True Renunciation
Arjuna got confused by understanding there is renunciation (declining) of actions and yoga of
action, out of this which one to pursue. Krishna told Arjuna, that Yoga through action
is superior to waivering of action. The person who maintains evenness and neither hates nor
desires and free from the pairs of opposites and performs unattached actions with no expectation
of result is liberated. However renunciation is difficult to obtain and only sages can do it. The
one who is equipped with Yoga (evenness and unattached), his mind is pure, who has self
conquered and subdued the senses, will not be tainted by actions. He realizes that he doesn't
perform anything, seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, eating, sleeping , letting go, clutching
hands, closing eyes and opening and everything , he offers to God. He is like the lotus leaf with
water, unattached. By body and by the mind and by the senses the yogis (one who follows Yoga)
perform actions without attachment and live in self purification.
"Our Life: In our Life, we breathe and fill the lung s, we pump the blood, we digest the food,
we command the neural systems to work and unless we tell nothing of this will work.... Oh Sorry!
We do none of these activities, it’s taken care by some power which is out of our normal
thinking, but we believe if we eat, that’s enough the body is taken care!! ... Fact is, we have a
complete complex system as named "Body" of us, which is not in our control! (Do we ask the
white cells to find and kill bacteria :)) But the body acts with very high intellect and we are not
aware of! However whatever actions, we act, we claim it’s done by us... For example, one day
when we wake up, the arms are not working; can we command our arms to work?!! Not really
Krishna told Arjuna, the liberated one (yogin) treats a saint, a bird, a dog, a dog eater and every
living being in the same way. He understands and sacrifices all the thinking and actions to me.
He sees all the livings have birth and end, and he understands the bondage, relationship,
attachment can bring him grief. Hence he leaves everything to me and runs his life.
"Our Life: Many a times we separate the god from us and we believe that we are the doers. We
keep god in a corner of the house /in room/in a cabin and we keep the god in a
temple/church/mosque and we believe that god is simply there. We think, in front of god, we
shouldn't do something which is not auspicious. First, we have separated God from us, by
design. Second, we think, we do all the things and god is only an invitee. Third, we believe God
can only be there for good auspicious things and not for anything. Whereas god says, we need to
give everything to him, and he says as a supreme power he is there everywhere and in every
living being. But we don’t listen to him. Sometimes it’s like, God owns a call center, and we can
call whenever we want and we will raise a service request, and after some days we will launch a