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Chapter 4 -The Yoga of Renunciation of Action
Krishna told Arjuna, I have taught this Yoga to the Sun god, millennium's ago and he taught to
others, by that many of them carried away it, as part of tradition, but over a period of time the
chain was broken. So here I am, again giving you that knowledge.
Arjuna asked Krishna that you were born among us how did you teach this to the sun god,
because you appear to be lesser age than him. Krishna replied Arjuna, that you are born many
times and I am also born many times, and whenever in these worlds the righteousness reduces
and unrighteous things grow, I born (as incarnation) with my Maya to destruct the wicked and
protect the good and to establish Dharma (truth/ fairness and kindness).
"Our Life: There are 10 avatars of Vishnu, as told in Hindu mythology and one among them is
Krishna and the last one still pending is "Kalki”, in which the god will come in "white horse with
a sword" Hmm.... Interesting part is the initial few incarnations, which were millions of years
apart; the classes are like fish, pig and turtle, etc. Why in the world, he is not in human flesh?
Did human race exist in that period? May not be … Until I watched the movie Jurassic park, I
was not aware of dinosaurs. And now they are not in this world for many thousand years... It
means the world undergoes change/revamp in a period... Today we get petrol in the gulf, under
the desert. The petrol existent means there was rich organic elements were there in that place
thousands of years ago... Today only dessert exists. The world has undergone a huge amount of
changes, which we are still studying... So it means some revamping happens to certain Intervals
and human form may not have existed at that point in time. Aside from this, I don’t know ,
whether for "Kalki", god will come in horse or he will come with a new cyclone /series of
earthquake/volcano erupt/virus/bomb its called "Horse" , who knows!!! When our Laptop is
hung, what do we do, we "Restart", similarly a machine is not working, what we do, we
"Restart”, maybe we got this principle from him :)"
Krishna told Arjuna, the one who knows this and who is free from anger and fear, and free from
attachment, is absorbed by me and become one with me. The wise performs the action without
any attachment.
"Our life: How do I know, I am without any attachment? Hmm... Think 3 elements which you like
the most in this life (relationship/material/ or any). Ok... Now if we remove those 3 from your life
from tomorrow onwards, will you still have interest in life or do you inclined to endure ? .. For
many of us, it’s “no”. The one which you like the most, if you are ready to leave any time for its
good or with the understanding of god , it means you are already living detached. Be clear, it
includes fame/desire/etc also. Leaving the one which you like the most (including self), if you can
do, then you have nothing to achieve here in this world. Now, I am writing all this, whether I am
a saint, no ... Can I leave everything and live my life normally? I don’t know... But I am sure