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Chapter 3 - The Yoga of Action
Arjuna asked Krishna, you are saying knowledge of Yoga is superior to Action, if so, by
knowing this, why should I do the action of killing? And also he conveyed to Krishna that his
speech seems to be conflicting in nature and no way is clear. Krishna replied to Arjuna, there are
two ways, one is living in knowledge of yoga and another one is pursuing the path of action of
the yogis. Just by not performing an action, you would never reach Action- less state, nor by
waivering your action you would achieve the perfect state. None of the living being at any
instant remains inactive. The nature- born qualities are always working on them.
Let us clarify something, the word "Yoga" given here is not the breathing exercise taught or
physical exercise taught in a "Yoga Class". It’s a condition of maintaining evenness to the
action, results and happenings, and living with self awareness. Anyways, here we are not going
to give any definitions of terminology, if at all, it’s only for clarifications purpose.
"Our Life: The moment when someone decides (Yes, many of us decide, that now i will follow
god religiously or now i will do additional charity, etc) to follow supreme personality of god,
they buy a book like Bhagavad Gita and started reading it or watch television channels or attend
religious meetings, then some of them conclude, everything in this world is untrue and there is no
meaning in continuing working/doing duty, and they start to behave so weird, that their family
members get really irritated and feels, why do this person get in to it! Some of us don’t keep Gita
in our house, we don’t keep Krishna and Arjuna's (together in the Battlefield) picture in our
house, because we fear that will not help normal life and it will bring war in the house. Truth is,
Gita tells us how to live in evenness in normal life. But our understanding on evenness always
goes on the extreme side, where we are not clear what to lose and what to control. Like Arjuna
got confused at this moment, we also get confused by half understanding/knowledge"
Some of us attempt or perform meditation and some believe, this is what an action less state.
Meditation what we perform in normal life, can help us break our thoughts and make us
concentrate, which might reduce the blood pressure and support the bodily happenings for a few
minutes. But once we finish our meditation, we search for our phones, we attend mails, we
start arguments, etc. (basically we resumed normal life) ... This is where the meditation is
required. Its nothing but, unattached to the action and to its result, but keep performing the
action. A mind keep practicing this, is in real “meditation". Not the one, which says, some word
for 15 to 30 min and comes back to normal sense driven actions after that point.
Krishna told Arjuna, controlling the senses by organs is not the correct one, but controlling the
mind over the objects of the senses is the superior manner. The one, who can restrain the senses
by the mind, involves his organs of action in Karma-Yoga, without attachment and he excels.
The one who performs his duty in action and he is superior to the one who is inactive.