Bhagavad Gita for Dummies HTML version

There is nothing more beautiful than you in god's creation and there is nothing holier than you
in god's creation!”
Krishna went ahead and told Arjuna, when we are subjected to the senses and allow them to
predominate, the attachments come, from the attachments we get the desire , from unfulfilled
desire/broken desire the anger comes, from anger the delusion comes, from delusion we get
confused in memory and we lose reasoning and that leads to ruin.
In that chain of speech, I can remember holy Buddha stating similar words.... By the way; all
these are more or less same, because the truth is single.
“There are no three or four gods in the universe, neither so many of them rules this universe. Its
one supreme power, which has created and sustains this universe and other creations and even
the micro organisms. And that supreme power is Krishna! If you think, this is what I am going to
say, I am sorry! This could be Nabhi or Jesus or anyone, but there is a supreme force. Just
because in my region (correlated with religion), we believe in the form of Krishna, I call him as
the supreme power, but if am born in Saudi or in Italy, I will call him differently. Never Krishna
crossed and went to Rome, nor Nabhi went New Zealand, nor did Jesus go to Vietnam. The
religion and rituals are born from the region and conditions, however it doesn't mean there is no
god. There is one supreme power which is beyond imaginable knowledge and power, which
carries everything. The sad part of human is, unless he understands something, he thinks they
are not true. Before Edison, no one knows about electricity, the older generation would have
thought about him as a fall guy, but now electricity is a subject with few marks...Just because we
don’t see something/hear something/feel something, we can’t say there is nothing... it’s our
limitation .... It’s beyond the current scientific, its belief... that’s the only way to discover the