Bhagavad Gita for Dummies HTML version

Bhagavad Gita for Dummies
VishnuVarthanan Moorthy
Bhagavad Gita - For many it’s highly respected life science or way of living or simply a fictional
book or a Hindu’s guidebook for life, "hmm", there are tons of such perspectives and everyone
like to see it in the way in they wants to see it. There have been many books published on this
with adequate details and various perspectives presented by various saints & scholars. Even here,
in front of you - one more thought! As a common man, who lives among 5000 million people,
searching still the identity for himself and his life, I present the understanding I get by reading
those complex words and trying to decipher them.
Why should I? - This is the first question I had, when I embarked on this journey. “It should be
me”- that’s what my heart said and here I am. I, born in this world, like anyone else, have been
introduced by parents and by teachers to Bhagavad Gita as a great holy book. I hold the feeling
that there is a reason for everything and including my birth, this could be mostly the same for all
the readers here! I, who is working in an IT company, can access to a richer lifestyle as I
demand, but by birth I am from very normal Indian family and by caste or by nature not so
religious. However the changes and situations made me feel there is nothing more than a superior
power in this world and every living and non living being is controlled by it. With that belief, I
lead my daily life! My interpretation of Gita is to understand, what’s that the supreme power has
passed to humankind and to me and to you! I believe it’s my right to interpret and decode Gita
on my own path (as I am a part of that supreme power) and also to share with the ones who are
interested in taking those surveys. Gita is not for storing in Pooja room or to keep it
as unreadable god’s scripts. This is told by god, for you and me, for us to understand and lead
our normal life and do our duty! (Saints can give clarifications, but it’s not for them, as they have
nothing to achieve in this world!)
Let’s start our experience!!!