Beyond Words: Surviving Breast Cancer Mistakes and All


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“The biopsy shows a malignant cancer.” Six words—words that changed Therese’s life forever. Gone was her future, her family, her life. How many other women had been blind-sided by that diagnosis? How many had felt that fear burning deep inside of them? How many had searched for answers and found none? Beyond Words is Therese’s journey from diagnosis through fear, loss, crisis, despair, and at last, to hope and a return to a full life. This FREE e-Book is the book that Therese needed the day that she was diagnosed. It offered support and advice on negotiating a minefield of possible medical error lying ahead. It answered questions and offered insight for coping, surviving and healing. Beyond Words is a book for every woman diagnosed—and for every man or woman who loves her. Download it today!

Susan Shank

The book was about breast cancer, but the majority of it was about side-effects from a chemo drug. As a 2-time breast cancer survivor, I found it off topic and boring throughout the long hospitalization and recovery. I was hoping to find something in this book that just wasn't there. Another thing I object to is the vulgarity, though being used out-loud more casually lately, of the word "fart". This gives me a low opinion of the writer, despite my pity for her illnesses. This book is also full of numerous and regular bible verses that I would have preferred she keep to herself.

Bob Green

I got this for my wife. Thank you for writing this book!

Oluseyi Okunlola

Its was very helpful to one of my friend that find himself in this situation.


Therese Swarts Iverson

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