Beyond Good and Evil HTML version

STRONG by culture: as if history did not teach in the most emphatic manner that the
"cultivating" of mankind and his weakening--that is to say, the weakening, dissipating,
and languishing of his FORCE OF WILL--have always kept pace with one another, and
that the most powerful and influential women in the world (and lastly, the mother of
Napoleon) had just to thank their force of will--and not their schoolmasters--for their
power and ascendancy over men. That which inspires respect in woman, and often
enough fear also, is her NATURE, which is more "natural" than that of man, her genuine,
carnivora-like, cunning flexibility, her tiger-claws beneath the glove, her NAIVETE in
egoism, her untrainableness and innate wildness, the incomprehensibleness, extent, and
deviation of her desires and virtues. That which, in spite of fear, excites one's sympathy
for the dangerous and beautiful cat, "woman," is that she seems more afflicted, more
vulnerable, more necessitous of love, and more condemned to disillusionment than any
other creature. Fear and sympathy it is with these feelings that man has hitherto stood in
the presence of woman, always with one foot already in tragedy, which rends while it
delights--What? And all that is now to be at an end? And the DISENCHANTMENT of
woman is in progress? The tediousness of woman is slowly evolving? Oh Europe!
Europe! We know the horned animal which was always most attractive to thee, from
which danger is ever again threatening thee! Thy old fable might once more become
"history"--an immense stupidity might once again overmaster thee and carry thee away!
And no God concealed beneath it--no! only an "idea," a "modern idea"!