Beyond Good and Evil HTML version

has the rare eye for the universal danger of "man" himself DETERIORATING, he who
like us has recognized the extraordinary fortuitousness which has hitherto played its game
in respect to the future of mankind--a game in which neither the hand, nor even a "finger
of God" has participated!--he who divines the fate that is hidden under the idiotic
unwariness and blind confidence of "modern ideas," and still more under the whole of
Christo-European morality--suffers from an anguish with which no other is to be
compared. He sees at a glance all that could still BE MADE OUT OF MAN through a
favourable accumulation and augmentation of human powers and arrangements; he
knows with all the knowledge of his conviction how unexhausted man still is for the
greatest possibilities, and how often in the past the type man has stood in presence of
mysterious decisions and new paths:--he knows still better from his painfulest
recollections on what wretched obstacles promising developments of the highest rank
have hitherto usually gone to pieces, broken down, sunk, and become contemptible. The
UNIVERSAL DEGENERACY OF MANKIND to the level of the "man of the future"--
as idealized by the socialistic fools and shallow-pates--this degeneracy and dwarfing of
man to an absolutely gregarious animal (or as they call it, to a man of "free society"), this
brutalizing of man into a pigmy with equal rights and claims, is undoubtedly POSSIBLE!
He who has thought out this possibility to its ultimate conclusion knows ANOTHER
loathing unknown to the rest of mankind--and perhaps also a new MISSION!