Beyond Good and Evil


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Nineteenth-century Europe was for him a moral wasteland filled with false altruism, duplicity, double standards, and, worst of all, moral complacency. Nietzsche spoke of innermost thoughts: morality serves the social good, which for him meant fostering the best possible society--one that strives for excellence and abhors the herd mentality. Download it today!

Terry Simmons

I agree, very challenging to read. The world most of us know is one of opposites--hot and cold, sweet and sour, GOOD and EVIL. It was tough for me to grasp the concept of something other than living in a world where there is something "neutral", neither good nor evil. Written from a very secular, relativistic viewpoint.

Misty Livingston

Challenging read... keep a dictionary handy. Very unusual and interesting perspective.


One of the kind, I hope people read this book more often to open their eyes to one of the biggest problems of altruism and religion.

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