Betty Zane HTML version

"Where on earth have you been?" he said. "Wetzel was here. He said he would not wait
to see you. There he goes up the hill. He is behind that laurel."
They looked and presently saw the tall figure of the hunter emerge from the bushes. He
stopped and leaned on his rifle. For a minute he remained motionless. Then he waved
his hand and plunged into the thicket. Betty sighed and Alfred said:
"Poor Wetzel! ever restless, ever roaming."
"Hello, there!" exclaimed a gay voice. The lovers turned to see the smiling face of Isaac,
and over his shoulder Myeerah's happy face beaming on them. "Alfred, you are a lucky
dog. You can thank Myeerah and me for this; because if I had not taken to the river and
nearly drowned myself to give you that opportunity you would not wear that happy face
to-day. Blush away, Betts, it becomes you mightily."
"Bessie, here they are!" cried Col. Zane, in his hearty voice. "She is tamed at last. No
excuses, Alfred, in to dinner you go."
Col. Zane pushed the young people up the steps before him, and stopping on the
threshold while he knocked the ashes from his pipe, he smiled contentedly.