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"The dog has been uneasy of late," continued Colonel Zane "He found the Indian tracks
before Wetzel did. You know how Tige hates Indians. Ever since he came home with
Isaac four years ago he has been of great service to the scouts, as he possesses so
much intelligence and sagacity. Tige followed Isaac home the last time he escaped from
the Wyansdots. When Isaac was in captivity he nursed and cared for the dog after he
had been brutally beaten by the redskins. Have you ever heard that long mournful howl
Tige gives out sometimes in the dead of night?"
"Yes I have, and it makes me cover up my head," said Betty.
"Well, it is Tige mourning for Isaac," said Colonel Zane
"Poor Isaac," murmured Betty.
"Do you remember him? It has been nine years since you saw him," said Mrs. Zane.
"Remember Isaac? Indeed I do. I shall never forget him. I wonder if he is still living?"
"Probably not. It is now four years since he was recaptured. I think it would have been
impossible to keep him that length of time, unless, of course, he has married that Indian
girl. The simplicity of the Indian nature is remarkable. He could easily have deceived
them and made them believe he was content in captivity. Probably, in attempting to
escape again, he has been killed as was poor Andrew."
Brother and sister gazed with dark, sad eyes into the fire, now burned down to a
glowing bed of coals. The silence remained unbroken save for the moan of the rising
wind outside, the rattle of hail, and the patter of rain drops on the roof.