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Sue’s passion for donkeys started at a very early age, when she was taken to Blackpool for the
day by her grandparents to have a ride on a beach donkey. She fell in love with the look, smell and
feel of these lovely animals, with their furry coats, enormous ears and silky soft muzzles. Sue
enjoyed a country upbringing with horses, dogs and cats, but always wanted donkeys of her own.
Her first opportunity to own a donkey came when she lived in Snowdonia, North Wales and the
donkey family has since continued to grow.
A combined love of rural France and the need for more land, resulted in a move to the Charente
in South West France, where the donkey heritage is still particularly strong.
Two donkeys, Precious and Mari accompanied the family’s move and one of these has since had
a foal.
Two more rescue donkeys have also joined the herd. They are all involved in activities and are
groomed and handled on a daily basis. One of them in particular likes to pull a cart a nd all of them
enjoy being taken for walks. Each of the donkeys has its own story to tell, so there is never a dull
moment for Sue, her husband and all their animal family.
I dedicate this book to my darling grandson Sam, and look forward to happy days spent together
on our “Little French Donkey Farm”.
Best of Friends
The Second Story in The Precious Series
Written and illustrated by
Sue Tregidgo