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Organization. The main antagonist who is affiliated with this evil organization is
identified as Tsubasa Otori, a highly skilled Beyblader.
Video games and merchandise items based on Beyblade Metal Fusion
The manga series inspired a number of video games and merchandise items aimed
towards young children who are truly fascinated with the TV show adaptation.
A total of six video game adaptations are based on the series released for Japanese-
owned consoles. Hudson Soft exclusively published these titles beginning in 2009.
Metal Fight Beyblade was released in March 2009 for the Nintendo DS which
features two-player mode connected via Wi-Fi. In the same year, the electronic
entertainment company released the Beyblade: Metal Fusion game title that
featured 17 characters with over 20 beys to choose from. Voice commands are also
enabled in this release through the integrated DS microphone. Other releases
include Beyblade: Metal Masters Black
Susanow and Nightmare Rex.
Beyond the basic system, the latest toys in
the series comprise six unique parts that
throw in more excitement into the battle.
Improved bottom performance tip makes
the toy spin longer increasing its stamina,
attack, as well as defense. These toys have
brought amazing reviews from consumers,
who mentioned that playing with Beyblade
Metal Fusion is fun to battle it out, trying
different strategies to keep your Beyblade
up longer. Beyblade Metal Fusion has truly
found a niche in children entertainment
with the successful series as well as
merchandise toys and video games.