Best American Humorous Short Stories HTML version

The universal impression, of course, was, that the Rev. Frederic Ingham had lost all
command of himself in some of those haunts of intoxication which for fifteen years I
have been laboring to destroy. Till this moment, indeed, that is the impression in
Naguadavick. This number of The Atlantic will relieve from it a hundred friends of mine
who have been sadly wounded by that notion now for years--but I shall not be likely ever
to show my head there again.
No! My double has undone me.
We left town at seven the next morning. I came to No. 9, in the Third Range, and settled
on the Minister's Lot, In the new towns in Maine, the first settled minister has a gift of a
hundred acres of land. I am the first settled minister in No. 9. My wife and little Paulina
are my parish. We raise corn enough to live on in summer. We kill bear's meat enough to
carbonize it in winter. I work on steadily on my Traces of Sandemanianism in the Sixth
and Seventh Centuries, which I hope to persuade Phillips, Sampson & Co. to publish next
year. We are very happy, but the world thinks we are undone.